25 June 2024
90 Year Old Melba Mebane

Meet Our Beloved Retiree, A Remarkable 90-Year-Old Melba Mebane Who Completed an Extraordinary 74-Year Career Without Ever Missing a Single Day.



90 Year Old Melba Mebane


Ninety-year-old Melba Mebane said she enjoyed working with “great women who love to eat, laugh and break up”.
But what Melba Mebane, 90, of Tyler, Texas, told the youth adds to the amazing story. When asked to give advice to those starting a business, he encouraged people to be loyal.
Maben has followed this advice throughout her impressive seven-decade tenure in sales at Dillard’s department store, faithfully upholding the perspective of viewing work as more than just a paycheck and one where she believes God has kept it, is committed to it.

A 90-year-old Texas woman is making headlines for her remarkable 74-year tenure at a department store. According to a report by Fox News, Melba Mebane embarked on her professional journey in 1949 as an “elevator girl” at the Meyer & Schmidt department store. Tyler, Texas. With the acquisition of the store by Dillard’s in 1956, Melba began working in men’s clothing and cosmetology. His exceptional work ethic and commitment have set the standard of excellence at Dillard’s by shaping quality, expectations and customer service. James Saenz, store manager at Dillard’s in Tyler, acknowledges Melba’s profound influence in creating a great experience for customers. told Fox News.



“She provided everything to the team. Can you imagine how many people she mentored, taught and coached so they could do more?” said Mr. Saenz, who has known Ms. Mebane for 65 years.
The store manager said, “She’s not just a salesperson. She’s a mother. She guides you. She gives you advice about life. She’s amazing.”

“I liked everyone there and I enjoyed going to work every day,” Ms. Mebane said. Ms Mebane now plans to relax, travel and eat well.

A celebration was held on Saturday to honor Ms. Mebane’s decades of work and dedication. She even received a certificate of excellence award for being the longest serving employee in the store.
In an interview with Fox News, the 90-year-old enthusiast expressed her delight in working with “wonderful women who shared a passion for good food, laughter and light-hearted moments.” Ms Mebane, who bravely navigated her journey as a single mother, is proud of her son Terry, who has since become a successful financial advisor.
Terry said that Dillard’s employees told her that her mother was “the heart of the store”. According to Fox News, Melba Mebane built meaningful relationships with corporate leadership, including respected members of the Dillard family. His dedication and extraordinary contributions fostered strong relationships beyond his closest associates

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